Traditional Meals

Taste Sri Lankan Traditional Foods

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Even though Randiya is a Safari Tour Organizing company we are always ready to fulfill all needs of our customers. Meals is the very important part of your tour with us. All type al sri Lankan traditional food items are displayed here. If you wish to try any item pleasediscuss with our tour guide.Manager- Randiya Hill Safari

Special Lankan Meals

String Hoppers
String Hoppers
This is a Delicious Sri Lankan food is made of rice or wheat flour. Can eat with polsambal, sauce or any Sri Lankan sauce.
Hot & spicy Cassava
Hot & spicy Cassava
This is a Delicious Sri Lankan natural food is taken from casava plant. Its just like potatoes. Can eat with polsambal or Lunumiris.
Coconut Roti
Coconut Roti
This roti is made of rice flour or wheat. can eat with sauce, coconut sambal, Lunumiris, jam, butter, sugar or any Sri Lankan curry
This noodles is made of rice flour. can eat with sauce, coconut sambal, Lunumiris or any Sri Lankan curry

We serve only Local Foods

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Out Door Catering Menu

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  • String Hoppers , Sauce, Polsambal
  • Coconut Roti with curry/Polsambal/Lunumiris
  • Bread with jam/butter/curries
  • Hot & Spice Cassava
  • Pittu with sauce, Polsambal
  • Boiled Legume seeds
  • Kiribath with Lunumiris
  • Hoppers with Lunumiris
  • Rice with polsambal
  • Bread with butter, polsambal, jam
  • Sweet potatoes with sambal
Lunch & Dinner
  • Rice and Curry
  • Fried rice
  • Boiled vegitables
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fried beef
Desserts & Juices
  • Tropical fruit salad
  • Banana, Ebul, Kolikuttu, Embun
  • Ice cream
  • Youghurt
  • Jack Fruits
  • Water Melon
  • Avacardo
  • Curd & Trickle